Fireweed Honey

Fireweed Honey is considered the Champagnes of honey for its light colour and delicate taste. Unique to Vancouver Island, Fireweed nectar is collected from the mountains in the summertime where the fireweed plant flourishes. This honey is considered a favourite among connoisseurs and makes an ideal substitute for sugar. This unpasteurized honey perfectly enhances your morning cup of coffee or tea. 

Wildflower Honey

Wildflower Honey is a liquid honey that is bold in flavour and sweetness. Bees will collect nectar from a variety of plants and flowers creating this unique blend of honey. Each year the taste of the honey will vary depending on the flowers the bees collect the nectar from during that season. This honey is ideal for people with allergies. Wildflower Honey is excellent for cooking and baking with, and is a wonderful substitute for sugar.

Creamy Honey

Creamy Honey is an old fashioned favourite that may also be known as whipped or churned honey. It takes two weeks to create Creamy Honey by blending liquid and crystallized honey. This creamy texture makes it a smooth and spreadable consistency that won't melt off your toast. Creamy Honey also makes a nice sweetener in your tea and coffee. 

Creamy Cinnamon

Cinnamon and honey don't just taste good together they also have great benefits which help to prevent arthritis, high cholesterol, heart disease, indigestion, cancer, colds and the flue. It can help with weight loss, longevity, and fatigue. It takes two weeks to create Creamy Honey by blending liquid and crystallized honey. Then we add organic cinnamon to enhance the creamy flavour, making it an essential part of your healthy living.

Cocoa Creamy Honey

Cocoa Creamy Honey is the perfect solution to satisfy your sweet tooth and craving for chocolate. While a delicious spread on your breakfast favourites, this unique blend will also create a one of a kind 100% Natural Hot Chocolate. Add Cocoa Creamy Honey to your hot or steamed milk, and we guarantee it's the best Hot Cocoa you've ever tasted. For those coffee lovers out there, try adding Cocoa Creamy Honey to your coffee and enjoy a delicious Mocha.

Blackberry Honey

Blackberry Honey does not actually have blackberries in it. The bees collect the nectar from the blackberry flower to create its unique taste. It has a very fresh and smooth flavour that will complement your tea or coffee, toast or roast. This honey comes every three years or so. So when you see it, get it while it lasts!!!

Big Ds Bees Honey is available in glass jars and pails. 

 375g/250 ml Jar

500g/375 ml Jar

1kg/750 ml Jar

2.5kg/6 lb Pail 

5kg/12 lb Pail 

30 lb Pail - Available upon Special Order