Honey Favours

These are the wedding honey favours for our wedding on January, 21, 2012. All of our guests enjoyed taking them home. We tied a white ribbon with some silver sparkle around the lid and placed a white sparkley Bee on the top. 

If you are interested in ordering some honey favours for your upcoming wedding or special event, please check out the below list of prices. We are happy to add ribbon to them, in what ever color scheme you are doing. Our photographers Ashley and Mike Kitchen from SNAP Photography here on Vancouver Island shot this photo of the honey favour and did all of our engagement and wedding photos. 

Big D's Wedding Favours                                  

Please see the below price list of Honey favours for your soon to be wedding.

45 ml Jars

1-50 Jars ------------------------------------------------------------- $2.00

50-100 Jars ---------------------------------------------------------- $1.75

100-300 Jars -------------------------------------------------------- $1.50


110ml Jars

1-50 Jars ------------------------------------------------------------- $3.00

50-100 Jars ---------------------------------------------------------- $2.75

100-300 Jars --------------------------------------------------------- $2.50 

Additional cost for ribbon and bee decoration on jars.

We will match the color of ribbon and decorations to your wedding.

Please contact me by email at bigdsbees [at] gmail [dot] com or by phone at 250-202-1999.


Helping them out!


Welcome to Big D`s Bees,

It is getting into warmer weather now and the bees are flying. Make sure to be filling your gardens with many flowers to give our bees lots of food to eat! With so many struggles now to keep the bees alive, we as a community need to do our best to try and help these little creatures out. So get intouch with your innner green thumb and give these bees a hand.

Here are some things that you might want to try:

Choose a variety of bright and loud Colors
Bees have good colour vision. Colours that attract bees are blue, purple, violet, white, and yellow.

Bees like to be able to do a One Stop Shop

So be sure to plant your flowers in clumps to provide easy feeding

Just like humans, Bees like variety. It could be anything from differnet shaped flowers, diffentent colors, big or small they like it all =)

Be sure to use organic types of control to keep our bees healthy and strong. 


Spring Management

Hello Everyone,
   We made it through the year and we are now starting to dig into the Hives. If you haven't lifted a lid yet this is the time to do it. I have gone through all of my colonies and so far everything is looking great! I have been very blessed this year with a very low percentage lost. Right now i am sitting at about a 7% loss which is very good considering the loss i had and everyone else had in the last few years.
So find yourself a nice sunny day to open up your hive a check it out. Don't get too carried away with riffling through the hive, it is still cold and the bees need to keep warm. But take a look inside to see first of all if there are any live bees. If there are, Great! If it is just a very small cluster then you might need to investigate. If the hive is just busting out of the boxes the chances of you having a good queen still is very high. If you can try and look between the frames to see if you can see brood. If not then you might need to look a little further. If you see lots of brood but it is a lot of drone brood that is a sigh that you probably have a drone laying queen and she is no good. Try to join that hive with another one once you have killed that old drone laying queen. If you don't the hive with die.  Next you need to check to see the weight of your hive. You can do this by simply lifting the back of the hive to check for weight. This only works though if you know how much it is supposed to weigh. So another way to do it is to snoop in between your frames to see if there is any honey. If you don't see any, or you see some but it is a small amount you need to feed. Even if you see lots of honey and you want your hive to grow fast this spring it is not a bad idea to feed them. What you wanna do is mix up 1:1 sugar (white granular) to warm water.