About Us

       Welcome to  Big D's Bees. My name is Daniel and I am the owner operator of Big D's Bees honey business.
      You might wonder why I became a bee keeper. Well, I have been passionate about bugs and especially bees ever since I was a little toddler. During my senior years of high school I acquired a couple of hives and at the age of 22 I decided to go into commercial beekeeping. For the past many years I have learned about the fascinating life of the honey bees and applied all my energy to that cause.
I went to college for Horticulture and did my practicum with a bee inspector in the Fraser Valley. I have attended a number of seminars and courses on beekeeping to learn the best ways to have a successful business.
      I was raised on a dairy farm and I love the land and what it provides for human kind. The honey bee is an essential part of our food source and necessary pollinators in all aspects of agriculture. Vancouver Island is a protected area for honey bees and considering the pristine environment and natural habitat for bees, it makes for an exciting occupation as long as one can handle a few stings.
I believe that eating natural food is a key ingredient to a healthy lifestyle and you can't get anything more natural than honey.
      Our farm has transitioned from dairy to berries, producing blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. All these crops need pollinating and so unique honey varieties may result as long as flowering is at full potential. My goal is to offer individual berry honeys as well as my signature Fireweed honey, gleaned from the mountain region of the meandering Oyster River.
      Our berries will be grown for our fruit winery, Coastal Black, which is now open! We also produce Mead (honey wine) as well. We offer three different types of mead. Our old Fashion Mead, Spiced and a Blueberry mead, and all are of course made with Big D's Fireweed honey.
      My honey is available in Courtenay at Edible Island, Natural Pastures, Black Creek Farm and Feed and every Saturday at the Farmers market. In Campbell River at Healthy Way Natural Foods, Local Market and Willows market. I also sell from our farm in Black Creek.